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*The systems such as the Microsoft Excel-based system development tool “StiLL” and the form printing tool “OPRO” will be attached to it free of charge.

Customer Order Acceptance, Production, Manufacturing Number, History, Process, and Quality Control


Development themes of TPiCS-X are:

1. To eliminate customization (program development.)
·   Improve the basic functions so that no customization will be necessary.
·   Allow the user to easily add their own items, and to display, enter and print them on the screen of TPiCS-X.
Allow the user to easily design the standard forms that come with the product.
Allow the user to hide functions (make them invisible) unnecessary to them.
·   Disclose the table definitions so that the user can add functions for themselves using Microsoft Access and such if customization is required by any means.

2. To make the system easy and comprehensible with high functionality.
·   Achieve the navigation function. (TPiCS-X automatically creates the expedient masters with simple settings.)
·   Achieve automated checking for transactions and masters.
·   Make the visual operation possible on the bill of materials.
Achieve the auto-generation function of basic masters.
Allow the user to view masters and the production schedule from anywhere.
Achieve the function to return to the state before the operation if erroneous operations occur.

3. To enhance the production control function
·   Position them as the most important functions to promptly respond to demand fluctuation of f-MRP, to produce in speedy cycles, and to realize factories tolerant of changes.
Be able to promptly and accurately process releases of drawings, order arrangements, engineering changes, additional orders, cancels, etc. by using the configuration information of CAD.
Incorporate due dates replied from part suppliers into the system and be able to perform the MRP calculations based on the replied due dates.
Achieve manufacturing traceability. (Traceable from parts and materials, and from actual shipping results as well.)
Handle multiple production, inventory and supply locations.
·  Integrate the manufacturing number control into f-MRP. (Implementation of the manufacturing number control tolerant of changes.
·   Achieve the automated leveling function.
·   Achieve the due date reply function.
Achieve the automated engineering change (running change) function. (Automatic switching to new part once inventory of old one finishes.)
·   Achieve the function to issue purchase orders to the supplier who matches your needs and offers the most competitive prices by registering unit costs by period, quantity and supplier.
·  Achieve the automated execution function of the system. (It will make the operation easier once the system gets on track.)
·   Achieve the automated generation function of control charts. (Generation of transition graphs on production amount, the number of delays, inventory value, and yield.)
·   Achieve the automated progress inquiry function. (Possible to use the Internet browsers for progress inquiries.)
·   Achieve the function to deal with the options (standard options) and allow the user to add and reduce parts in the specification with it.
·  Allow the user to produce multiple parts all of which are linked to another part. (Set Production Option.)
·  Achieve real-time work orders issued to job sites.
·  Support multiple currencies.
Allow the user to operate the system in an environment of which database has only active data and is, therefore, light by separately managing masters for discontinued products and such.
Achieve the function in liaison with the job scheduler.
Perform the MRP calculations on memory to speed up.
·   Correspond to RoHS and Law on Promoting Green Purchasing.

·   Allow the user to send “Due Date Reply Request” to part suppliers and to receive “Replied Due Date” from them using the Internet and e-mail environment. ( Strategic Due Date Adjustment Option.)
·  Allow the user to send order sheets, packing slips and even forecast data via e-mail.
·  Achieve the functions of such as ”Inventory Inquiry,” “Customer Order Entry” and “Due Date Inquiry” from the browsers on the notebooks and cellular phones using Tx Web Server Option.

Some sample screens are available here.
Inventory Inquiry
  Due Date Inquiry

 ·  Allow the user to enjoy the high-speed and steady processing with their distant factories and main office via a broadband Internet connection.  


We developed TPiCS-X hoping that many users use it as inexpensive and comfortable as possible.



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